Past Boxez



This box was simply stunning! It was inspired by the divination of nature, and our connection to it.


- EXCLUSIVE Divine Nature Mini Oracle Deck designed in house by Heba. (They are now being sold on our shop).

- EXCLUSIVE celestial candle made by Enchanted Clouds Lab- she made the scent a specific blend for this box.

- Tigers eye lava bracelet that can be used with the essential oil provided in the box.

- EXCLUSIVE essential oil blend mixed in house to use with the bracelet provided in the box.

- Natural Konjac sponge.

- Stunning zip tarot/ oracle bag.

- Strawberry vegan liquorice.

- EXCLUSIVE 2x stickers designed in house by by Heba.

- EXCLUSIVE hand painted tarot/ oracle card stand.

- Tumble stone

- EXCLUSIVE Summer Solstice ritual pack.


August 2020 - Connect with the Elements

- EXCLUSIVE Stainless steel water bottle with bamboo and healing crystal lid. Feel the crystal magick infused in this beautiful magical water vessel.

- Hand embellished candle

-Pastel moon post-its

-Dalmatian Jasper bracelet with a silver plated lotus flower  to help with grounding

-Incense cones with incense holder

-Connect with The elements workbook

-Popped lotus seed Karma Bites

-Sesame stone tumblestone

-Rhodonite tumblestone


May 2020 - Self Love

In order to be the best version of yourself, to be the best you can be for others, and to be fully prepared for your life ventures, it's important for us to stop sometimes, give ourselves some love, so that we can face life with a stronger mental foundation.

-Moon mug. Wether you are working or relaxing, lift up your mood with cozy warm teas, coffees, matchas, or any hot drink in this dreamy mug!  it is the perfect size and is a cute design to celebrate and appreciate our beautiful moon.

-*Trinket Exclusive* Lemongrass and Peppermint Bath Salts. Bold in smell but the perfect relaxing muscle soak. Two cleansed Quartz crystals have also been added for extra magick. 

-Rough Rainbow Fluorite. A stone of mental clarity.

-*Trinket Exclusive* A self love workbook designed by Heba.

-Pinolith Crystal. A soothing, calming crystal of optimism and balance.

-*Independent brand* Anandas original round up! This gourmet vegan treat has us drooling! 

-*Independent brand* “Little Lavender” Teacake Art print. This magickal art has been specially printed in an A6 size for our box this month!


April 2020 - Rebirth

This box was to celebrate the Spring season. 

It symbolises new life. Through the Winter of hard times, a new season arises, with sunshine, new plants, animals being born, and a new environment surrounding us.

We will also cleanse, grow, renew, and we will be reborn in to a better version of ourselves. Pausing is a part of the process, pamper yourself and let there be calm, for you have your whole future ahead of you.

-Moth and Myth Butterflies.

-Jasmine incense sticks. We added this to this months box as we felt a fresh floral scent perfectly represents the flowers growing in this Spring season.

-Moon tea infuser and tray set. Use this with all of your loose teas, to add that extra bit of moon magic to the process. Embellished with a beautiful moon charm.

-Moon phases poster 2020. Useful to keep track of the moon phases and plan any rituals. 

-Rose and Hibiscus “Refresh and Renew” loose leaf tea.

-Rough Serpentine crystal. The green tones of this natural crystal are absolutely stunning.

-Anandas Marshmallow bag. 

-Luna Magicae sacred space smokeless smudging spray!

-Moon magic Morpho sticker.