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This is our wonderful "Heliophile" box This month we celebrate our star, our giver of life and Leo’s celestial ruler; The Sun.   Doisy and Dam Vegan Hazelnut Butter Cup - We know our trinket tribe love having something delicious to nibble on waiting in their boxes and my, my ...even writing about these Butter Cup vegan chocolates have me salivating. Enjoy! Retail: £1.95 Pulsin Immunity Red Berry Protein Shake - ‘Our Red Berry ‘Immunity’ Supershake has 20g of complete plant-based protein per serving and has a perfect complex of Vitamin C and live bacteria to support an active immune system. The blend of red berries when added with water, make it a great tasting and easily digestible protein drink on the go, which is rich in Vitamin C and Pro-Biotics.’ - Taken from Pulsin website. Retail: £1.99 Aragonite Cluster - When we saw this unusual yet gorgeous cluster of different shapes and textures, we knew we had to include it in the box. These sandy crystals are ever so fun to hold and inspect and will aid in alleviating stress and anxiety. (Further info on crystal card inside box) Retail: £5.95 Gold Sun Chain - Carry the Sun with you, whether rain or shine with this adorable, dainty sun chain. Retail: £5.50 Carnelian Heart - Keep this charming little heart carving with you as a talisman of success. (Further info on crystal card inside box) Retail: £4.95 Luna Magicae ‘Heliophile’ Shimmer Oil - Glow like a Sun Goddess/God with this 100 % pure and organic argan oil sourced directly from Morocco with added shimmer. Potent in vitamin E and great for hair and skin. Retail: £21.95 Sunstone Pendulum - This month we decided to give you a psychic tool to work with. Pendulums are a favourite tool of mine (Tanya) when asking spirit/the Universe/higher power simple Y/N questions. I will be uploading a video onto Instagram explaining how to programme and use your pendulum properly once everyone has received their box so keep a look out. In the meantime, please refer to the information sheet provided in the box. Retail: £9.95 Dragons Blood Incense Cones - It’s been a little while since we gave you some nice smelling incense to burn. Simply light the tip of the cone to enjoy the sweet and earthy aroma. Retail: £2.99 Total: £55.23 Please note, any plastic found in this box has been sent to us is reused plastic that our suppliers have sent to us.

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