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This month's box theme is based on the idea that sometimes, when you're struggling to ask for help, there are small things we can do to help ourselves along the way until we are ready to open up or ask for help. Hey, you never know, a bit of self healing may all you really need to pick yourself back up in life. Even if you're feeling great (which we hope you are) there is no harm in some extra self love! We need to love ourselves as we are all important. Cleanse yourself/ your space: Sage Smudge Stick Clear out any bad energy in your sacred space as the perfect way to protect yourself. There is an info sheet in the box. £12.25 Angelite Heart/£ Can assist with communication from angelic realms. Think of this mantra when using this crystal: “I am open to receiving support from my spiritual guides and angels”. Find more info on your crystal card. £19.95 Quartz Tumblestone This crystal is known as the master healer. We wanted to add this in your package as it can also amplify the effect of your other crystals. Find more info on the crystal card. To those that have the spiral pendulum from the October box, this fits perfectly in that, you can also program the Quartz with your own intention to make it even more powerful. ££1 Dalmatian Jasper Thumb Stone We are OBSESSED with the natural markings of these beauties. This is a great general protective and grounding stone. Thumb stones are used by holding the stone between the index finger and thumb and gently moving one's thumb back and forth across the stone- this is used for relaxation and anxiety relief. Find more info on the crystal card. £3.75 Positive mantras: Moon print £ Hang up this positive artwork to remind you that sometimes you need the dark times to help you to create and find the light in your life, wether that is through building up your inner strength, finding your purpose, or just finally seeing that light at the end of the tunnel, this art can be percieved in whichever way resonates with you. £6.50 Bookmark/ £ Use this bookmark as a gentle daily reminder that you are not alone, and that we all go through dark times, but will also eventually find the light. £2.95 Journalling: Today's plan by Nikki strange £ This planner is a great way to help plan out your day if you have struggled with keeping up with your daily tasks. It also helps you to outlet what is making you feel anxious- sometimes writing things down can make you realise that your worries aren’t so scary after all. Finally, kindness can really uplift our mood, making a note of this can remind us of how positive ourselves the world can really be. £6.50 Treat yourself: Pulsin Raw Brownie£ With self healing, comes eating yummy snacks to make us feel better, and they are healthy too! Win win! £1.20 Natura Face Mask £ Envigorate your face with this natural vegan treat. £5 Pukka Tea Enjoy a cup of this warm yummy goodness to help you wind down and relax! Free Gift Total: £59.10

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