Trinket Treasurez Monthly Subscription Self Care and Astrological Guidance Box

Join our Trinket Tribe! We are a monthly astrological self care box influenced by planetary aspects happening throughout the month. Each carefully selected piece has a meaning or purpose to it. In addition to this- we use local and vegan companies, we support independent artists and brands, and have created a community whereby we guide you through each item, ways you can use them, and you will be a part of our Trinket Tribe where we will regularly email you updates and exciting news on planetary changes, new ways to use your items, and information on the vendors who's products you are using. Each box will be worth between £50 - £65. What to expect in your box: We like to give you an element of surprise so we will not always show you every item, but to get an idea of what to expect in your box, you will get up to 9 items in a selection of these categories: ☀ Burn baby burn- candles/ incense etc ☀ From the heART- work of an independent artist ☀ Pamper - we know you’re already beautiful but we all deserve to be pampered every now and again- we will send you a vegan beauty item from an independent brand ☀ Stationary to inspire- what better way to feel motivated then to have pretty stationary? Expect items like handmade papers, bookmarks designed by an artist, interesting and unusual stationary to inspire you in your workspace ☀ Drink me- specialised tea inspired by our boxes theme ☀ Just for fun- if there’s something fun, cute or quirky we think you will like, we will add that in too! ☀ Information sheets and discount codes ☀ Surprise little extras All of our items are sourced from independent businesses (including our own brand) and we include a minimum of one specially custom made trinket treasurez product every month! We can't wait for you to join our Trinket Tribe!